Vi-CELL MetaFLEX Sensor Cassette

The Vi-CELL MetaFLEX sensor cassette contains sensors for the tests (except for the oximetry and bilirubin tests). It uses thick-film sensor technology and miniaturized sensors to enable direct measurements of glucose and lactate from a 100 μL sample (65 μL sample plus 35 μL tare). Measure pH, pO2, pCO2, glucose, lactate, electrolytes and more parameters with the fast and efficient Vi-CELL MetaFLEX.

  • Good for 300 tests
  • In-use lifetime of 30 days (or until max number of tests)
  • Automatic QC
  • Shelf life of 4 months
  • Storage temperature of 2-8° C / 35-46° F

sensor boards in the metaflex sensor cassette

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